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We are going through a paradigm shift in the little town of Seaside, Oregon.  Instead of walk-in sales, we are moving towards nationwide shipping of our unique consignment items. Since we have less to do right now, we are hoping to match you with your dream instrument. Exclusive Steen Guitar Retailer in the USA.

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Fishman C-100 Cello Pick-up

The C-100 utilizes Fishman’s patented Floating Mount system for easy installation in the wing slot of the bridge. A 1/4” tailpiece mounted jack and 10’ cable complete the package.  was $129  now $99. 

Fishman Pro EQ

Acoustic Pre Amp.   was $119. now $85

Fishman Acoustic Matrix Pro

Onboard slider Pre Amp System Wide Format Steel String.  was $249. now $219 

Fishman SBT-E Classical guitar pick-up

Fishman is dedicated to helping musicians achieve the truest sound possible whenever they plug in.

The Fishman SBT-E is a passive pickup favored by many professional solo guitarists.

 Attaches to the top of your guitar and senses the soundboard's micro vibrations to reproduce full, natural response.   was $139.  now $99

Fishman BP-100 upright bass pick-up

Classic bridge-mounted, dual-element piezo-ceramic pickup. The BP-100 installs in minutes and delivers deep sustained pizz tone, and fast articulation with emphasized direct string sound.

A Platinum Stage or Platinum Pro EQ preamp, which have dedicated Bass modes, is recommended, but not required    was $229   now $149